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Defending Drivers in Subrogation Lawsuits

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Subrogation is the legal process by which an insurance company seeks reimbursement after it has already paid a claim for an accident on behalf of its insured.

For example, if a person caused an auto accident and did not have insurance at the time, the injured driver’s insurance company would pay the injured party for property damage and/or bodily injury. The insurance company would then seek to collect from the at-fault driver the amount it pays to the injured driver. Usually, this means that the insurance company will sue the at-fault driver to obtain a judgment for the amount it paid.

Subrogation can also occur if you were in a car accident and filed a property damage claim with your insurance company, your collision insurance, and comprehensive auto insurance would pay to have your vehicle fixed. If the accident was later determined to be the fault of the other driver, however, your insurance company would file for reimbursement against the other driver’s auto insurance policy.

Keep in mind that most attorneys will not represent the at-fault in a subrogation lawsuit. However, at the Morey Law Firm, P.A. we have represented many at-fault drivers in subrogation lawsuits. If you are being sued by an insurance company for a subrogation claim, we can help! Learn more about how our Florida Subrogation Defense Attorneys can help you. Contact us today at (407) 426-7222 to determine your rights. We will zealously defend you against the insurance company. As part of our representation, we will also attempt to determine whether you were actually at fault for the accident and determine whether the other driver actually suffered property damage and/or bodily injury. If your insurance company denied the claim, we will communicate with them in an attempt to have them provide coverage. If all else fails, we will attempt to negotiate a settlement.