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By: Roberto Vazquez

Foreclosure Defense Lawyers Are Not All Created Equal

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It seems that recently, every attorney is practicing foreclosure defense. The problem is that not many of them are knowledgeable enough in the area to be worth the money they charge their clients. The reason for the large increase of attorneys practicing foreclosure defense is simply that there the need for foreclosure defense is in high demand. With so many active foreclosure cases, many lawyers have decided to take a shot at practicing foreclosure defense even though they have never practiced in that area of law before. This raises several problems, the greatest of which is bad lawyering. I have spoken to many potential clients that are not happy with the way their case has been handled. I am usually shocked after reviewing the case file and seeing how much needs to be fixed to properly protect the client. This usually results in the case becoming more expensive for the client than it would have been if their lawyer was properly representing them. Bottom-line, before you hire any attorney to defend your foreclosure case, ask them about their experience. Ask them how many cases they have handled. Ask them how many motions for summary judgment they have defended and what the results have been.

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